Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is Dinesh D'Souza a Real Academic?

I came across this blog by Dinesh D'Souza attacking Presidential candidate Ron Paul for not being a real Libertarian by claiming a real Libertarian would support "freedom by force".  This is surprising being that this guy is employed by Stanford University.  To work for an institution that prides itself on having high academic standards, I found it surprisingly easy to tear into his argument.  

Please read my response to this blog below:  

"Your argument MAKES NO SENSE.  Comparing a largely peaceful Civil Rights movement that had the laws changed through courts and government legislation is a far cry from the guns, missiles, and IEDs that are going off in Iraq.  

And what you fail to mention is that all the groups you mentioned who took their "freedom by force", the keywords are THEY TOOK IT.  Americans fought for their own freedom with the assistance of the French.  The French didn't win American freedom for us.  African Americans fought for their freedom with the assistance of compassionate Whites, compassionate Whites didn't didn't win it for them.  

So how is the United States going to win an Iraqi Civil War?  The outcome of the American Revolution isn't regarded as a French Victory.  It's regarded as a American victory with French support.  In Iraq, we're not there in support, we are the opposition.  The question is "Who are we really opposing?"

I wish Conservatives would stop trying to invoke World War II to justify the Iraq War.  #1, you look stupid by going back 60 years and overlooking another war in which we tried to win a nation's freedom only a little over 30 years ago, Vietnam.  If you completely ignore and dismiss our failure in Vietnam by solely invoking World War II, your argument starts off with a net loss of credibility.  #2, you dismiss the fact that Germany and Japan were already stable nations with a peaceful society prior to World War II.  Both countries were hijacked by rogue and incompetent leaders that led them into World War II.  Naturally they would be accepting of American assistance in returning to more peaceful times.  Iraq on the other hand was NEVER a stable nation.  The conflict between the Sunnis and Shiites goes back over a thousand years.  In fact, it's not even a natural nation.  It was drawn together to encompass three different groups by a British General in 1932.  

Bush used that ignorant "good vs. evil" argument trying to make Saddam out to be Hitler, and Iraq to be another Germany.  The reality is that, whether you loved it or hated it, Saddam was the cap that kept the angry killer bees in the bottle.  We took the cap off and now we have chaos.

Please, stop invoking World War II to justify a failed policy and a losing effort.  You can't want freedom and stability for another nation, especially if that nation never truly existed.  As recent history has shown, even if you do want it for another nation, it is up to the nation to fight and die for it.  Bleeding the lives of your own people, and the funds of your own treasure, for the freedom of another people is not self-sustainable if they can't/won't do the same for themselves.  

The absolute irony in this entire situation is that the United States, Iran, and Al-Qaeda were all sworn enemies of Saddam Hussein.  Now these same three groups, along with the Sunnis, are engaging one another in a war that has cost the United States over a half-Trillion dollars, over 3,600 lives, and over five years so far.  If the Iraqis were so desperate for freedom, why couldn't they use their sheer will and low-tech weapons to forcibly remove him without any direct action from the United States?  I always thought that the biggest unanswered question (outside of "Would a stable, Shiite dominated Iraq actually be friendly to the U.S.?") is, "Why didn't these three groups (Al-Qaeda, Shiites, Iran) use all of this "sheer will" and low-tech weaponry to dispose of Saddam Hussein and his supporters as they have demonstrated against the United States?  

Those are questions you really need to be asking Mr. D'Souza.  The Iraq War isn't a continued battle from World War II.  The Iraq War isn't some exercise between Good vs. Evil.  The Iraq War isn't a exercise between Pro-Freedom vs. Anti-Freedom.  The War in Iraq is a VERY complex issue with each new answer uncovering a even harder question.  If the ultimate question is, "Do you believe the Iraq War was worth it?"  My answer is a resounding "HELL NO!!!"    

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Serving of Pork

Like the U.S. Congress, the for-profit media has become a four-star chef in serving PORK.  

To bring you up to speed, to get quality bills passed, members of Congress may be bribed by other members of Congress (to include the Senate) to vote for a bill they may be against by offering funding for "pork barrel projects" (also called earmarks) to their respective districts. That's how you get bills passed that include the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere".  In a perfect government, every politician would vote their conscious and/or principles.  They would vote with the "common good" of the people they were elected to represent in mind.  But America is not known for principled politicians, therefore we don't have a perfect government.  

Likewise, we don't have a perfect press.  You can argue that when the Constitution of the United States established the "Freedom of Press", it created the unofficial Fourth Branch of Government.  This branch of government would act as the eyes and ears of the American people.  It was capable of prosecuting politicians in the court of public opinion.  Now that the media is expected to turn a profit, they have to serve the viewing public some pork so we will tune into their programs and boost their ratings. 

That's why Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton may receive an inordinate amount of attention, including front page headlines and/or leading off a newscast ahead of lessor issues such as the Iraq War.  That's why Ann Coulter can be given a full hour (which is typically reserved for Breaking News and Presidential Candidates) on Hardball with Chris Matthews.  That's why it "seems" like Hillary's current relationship with her husband Bill Clinton gets twice the coverage as the platform of every other candidate combined.  Ultimately, that's why special guests and important figures do not receive follow-up questions or are called out on their factual errors.

The corporate parents of these for-profit media outlets will always claim they only deliver what the people want.  I believe that argument is reckless and irresponsible.  The American public has the attention span of a 5 year-old.  Like a 5 year-old, if you serve us nothing by fats and sugars, we'll happily eat them.  We'll gladly take the short term happiness we receive from eating the crap that tastes good, even though long term it isn't good for us.  Like a responsible parent, the media cannot always serve us what we want, but they have to give us a larger portion of what we need.  They have to serve us the quality food that is boring and doesn't taste so good, but will keep us healthier and happier in the long run.  But McDonald's will always have a billion more customers than Subway, and quantity over quality is what is most important in the news business.  

And this blog won't be any different.  Except I won't serve you pork with the main course, but just as a little dessert as a "reward" for the amount of effort you're taking to stimulate your brain.  Your brain is like a muscle, if you don't exercise it then it becomes weak.  My pork postings will be your little reward.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

What Do We Celebrate This Year?

The Fourth of July is coming up and I'm wondering how we will celebrate?  Or should we even be celebrating at all?

It is immoral for the United States government AND the U.S. citizens to stand back and allow American soldiers to needlessly die until September.  That is the time frame General Petraeus has to make his "surge report" and Congress intends to force the President into any necessary adjustments at that time.  This entire "Democracy By Force" policy was doomed from the start as the entire war was based on misinformation, miscalculations, ignorance, and lies.  This "surge" tactic hasn't shown one inch of progress and many military experts believe upwards of 500,000 troops would have to be on the ground for it to even have a remote possibility of working.  

Between now and September, how many hundreds of troops will needlessly die?  What will we be forced to conclude in September that we cannot conclude now, or even back in December when this was first proposed? The media allowed itself to be exploited by Ann Coulter this week so she can publicly state how the U.S. won't be successful in Iraq until we blindly carpet bomb millions of Arab citizens with the insane idea that only this will break the will of the insurgency/terrorists.  Meanwhile the American people distract ourselves from everything but the reality that we allow innocent men, women and children to die because we're too lazy and complacent to put pressure on our political leaders to find a resolution NOW. 

Congress will be taking a 10-day break for the Fourth of July and eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and watch firework shows, while we shake our fists at the job they'™re doing thus far.  Well I'™m sorry, we should be kicking their asses back to Washington and make them stay there until they actually accomplish something of value.  For example, saving valuable American lives by allowing the Iraqis stabilize their nation.  It's impossible to win another country's civil war, especially when the two major opposing sides (Shiites and Sunnis) will ultimately be enemies of the United States.  I don'™t care if the Democratic majority doesn'€™t have enough votes to get their bills through.  It is their duty to at least send the same bills up to the White House OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again.  The odds are that one of them will slip through because President Bush and the Republicans can only deny world opinion and REALITY for only so long.  The Democrats have to remind President Bush and what's left of his base that the real issues facing this nation will need real results, and those results MUST come sooner than later.

While you're celebrating your day off from work with friends and family, please remember that a micro contingent of the American population fights them over there to allow us to be immoral, greedy, hypocrites over here.

Happy Fourth of July America!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am a SICKO!

I was one of the fortunate who was able to view a advanced screening of Michael Moore's SICKO! over the weekend, and I read a comment from another blog that asked a interesting question:

"Who are the SICKOS? Is it the insurance companies? Is it the drug companies? Is it the physicians? Is it the politicians that pander to them all?

After thinking about the question for a couple of minutes, I realized:

Sure, there are more just like me. But I am the worst of the worst because I know better. I know that we allow ourselves to be brainwashed that we truly live in a THEM against US world. That the American way of life is the best possible way of life and you are a enemy of the state if you dispute this belief. Hell, a new poll just came out and said 41% of the American people still believe there’s a connection between Iraq and 9/11. Even in a world that now has instant communication via phone and Internet. Even in a world where sound and images can never be lost and forgotten in time due to YouTube, "the powers that be" is still able to keep the masses deaf, dumb, ignorant and afraid of reality. We, the American people, CONSISTENTLY vote and act against our own best interests. We allow abortion, gun rights, taxes, and gay marriage to weigh more on our political decisions and alliances than health care, livable income, education and the environment.
Today, THIS VERY MINUTE, both the Democrats and Republicans are allowing our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers to fight and die in Iraq because they want to wait until September (or beyond) to call the “surge” failed, and this policy insane even though its obvious to the rest of the world now! We ALL know that we can make the necessary adjustments to save lives today, and that we could’ve made three years ago, and that we will be forced to make three months or three years from now. Yet, we won’t, and WHY?

A person in the film "SICKO!" stated the difference between the French and the Americans is: “The French government fear their People, while the American People fear their government.”

I tolerate a government that couldn't decipher a memo that read "Al-Qaeda is determined to attack inside of America." That oversight resulted in the lives of 3,000 Americans and counting. I tolerate a government that couldn't comprehend a briefing that stated "the levees may not hold" or watch a computer model of what would happen. That resulted in the lives of over 1,800 Americans and counting. I tolerate a government t led by Vice President Dick Cheney who (according to Think Progress) stated "...American military personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally be a quagmire" back in 1991 during the Gulf War. That reversal has resulted in the deaths of over 3,500 troops and well over 100,000 casualties on both sides and counting.

Tony Benn, former British politician, said it best: "If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."

I tolerate a government that celebrate our triumphs, but pay lip service to our tragedies. And my response? Albert Einstein once defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I get upset, I get frustrated, I point my finger at the "bad guys", and type in a blog that no one will read. I'll go to bed at night with a clean conscience, and wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. Like most Americans, I am insane.

Therefore, I AM A SICKO!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What is Illegal Immigration to Me?

Is the Illegal Immigration Issue really that black and white? I see valid arguments, along with hypocrisy and spin on both sides.

To be honest, my "soft" original position was against Illegal Immigration. Like most Americans, I was upset when I watched the surveillance videos showing Mexican citizens illegally crossing the border in mass. In many cases, some of them was literally "breaking into" our country by attempting to drive a car through the border entrances, climb over fences, or perform their infamous "banzai charge".

I'm not a hypocrite on the issue. I'm sure if the roles were reversed, I would attempt to cross the border and seek a better quality of life for my loved ones and me as well. And I cannot deny the fact that technically, we're ALL illegal immigrants (except for the Africans who came as cargo), even though we have significantly altered history to reflect the myth that the Pilgrims "discovered and settled" in America instead of the factual "conquered and colonized". But this is America and I'm an American, history is just a thing of the past (until "blowback" occurs) and doesn't excuse illegal immigration in the present;-). Today's illegal immigrants are breaking the law. Bottom line, if a civilized society did not enforce its laws, then chaos would ensue and the society would collapse. My best analogy is that if I have a refrigerator full of food, and can afford to waste some of it, that doesn't give a starving person the right to break into my house and feed themselves. Those who are poor can't rob a bank, and those who are homeless can't "discover and settle" into the Playboy Mansion. The citizens of each nation have to respect the physical and invisible boundaries at all times.

Believe it or not, less than a year ago I was a Lou Dobbs Democrat even though I did not have a solid answer to do with the 12 million illegals that are already here. And believe it or not, the Clown Emperor himself, Bill O'Reilly, actually provided me with absolute clarity on this issue. He basically stated something to the effect of, "It is wrong to allow the Mexican immigrants into this country and profit from their labor, then send them back when we grow tired of their presence." To me, he was absolutely right. It is without question that there is this "understanding" between big business and illegal immigrants that if the "illegals" can clear the barriers to entry, there is a job waiting for them on the other side. This understanding is shared and practiced by many members of the Federal government, local governments, small businesses and individual citizens. It is morally and ethically wrong to knowingly allow this "understanding" to persist at the expense of the Mexican citizens that illegally cross our borders for a better way of life.

Those two factors are what have shaped my ultimate position: "Secure the borders against future illegal immigration, but give amnesty to those law abiding illegal immigrants from who's labor we have benefited." I know that is a position that isn't often stated. I'm with the Republicans in the House who are against a "comprehensive reform" bill and want to secure the borders first. But I am with the Democrats in the Senate who wants to offer amnesty (or a path to citizenship as they call it) to those 12 million+ who are already here. But the devil is in my details.

If you ever question the policies and practices of a sitting American President, his (or her one day) will always ask "Do you think you can do better?" Well, I can't navigate the D.C. corridors like a political veteran, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night ;-) So I'll give it a shot, let the experts debate, and let history be the judge.

My Plan to Secure the Borders First:

Let's be realistic. The Mexico-U.S. border is approximately 1,951 miles. To build a true and effective physical barrier, it would be the equivalent rebuilding half of the Great Wall of China. Theoretically speaking, if we build a 10-foot wall, the "illegals" will build a 11-foot ladder. Even if it was feasible to build a physical barrier, it would be impossible to physically monitor all of it at all times to truly discourage and prevent breaches. I can go along with those in Congress who represent districts along the border that would like reinforced physical barriers placed along the border of large cities to reduce the flow of narcotics and criminals. But still, that is only a band-aid over a bullet wound. The last time I checked, we were losing the War Against Drugs 181-to-20 with 5 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. In my opinion, any person with sincere passion and effort can find their way over, around or under any physical barrier(s) we build. And there simply aren't enough law enforcement, military or civilian available to monitor it.

There is ONLY one true way to secure the border from this form (those looking for professional opportunities) of Mexican Illegal Immigration. YOU HAVE TO TURN OFF THE MAGNET. The magnet are those employers who are willing and able to hire illegal immigrants because of the guaranteed cheap labor. As many pundits point out, even if they do argue for increased wages, the employer can simply ignore them and threaten to have them deported if they don't behave. That, ladies and gentlemen, is CORPORATE SLAVERY IN THE 21st CENTURY. Haven't we all read this chapter of American history before? Just replace the Mexicans with Africans, and "low wages" with "no wages". But I digress.

Willie Sutton, a bank robber, was once asked this question: "Why did you rob banks?" His answer: "Because that's where the money was." I believe the "illegals" break into America because that's where the jobs are! If you restrict their access to jobs, they won't break into America.....at least for that reason. How do you restrict their access to jobs? First, You can start by enforcing the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Specifically the parts that penalize and criminalize the employers that employ illegal immigrants. I know it'll never happen as long as Corporate America finance politics, but it's what has to happen to "turn off the magnet". Second, create a tamper proof National ID card that will actually gives those employers who want to follow the law an effective tool to verify who is authorized to work in this country and who is not. I know the ACLU is going to attack me for supporting that idea, but I have "blind faith" that we can have a National ID program that won't turn us into a Communist state. Outside of assisting with employment verification, it can assist local law enforcement, national security, and prevent voter fraud on both sides. And before you start believing I want to restrict voting by supporting a ID to vote, please remember that I believe convicted felons who have served their time should be allowed to vote, and every state should allow authorized voters to register through election day as that statistically increases turnout.

My Plan to Assimilate the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants Here

After the opportunity is eliminated and the borders are "theoretically" secure, I would give every illegal immigrant employee and their employer 90-days to declare their status and decide whether they intend to remain in the United States or voluntarily return home at their own expense.  Those who will stay should go through the traditional immigration programs and process to become legal American citizens.  There some be some type of extended transitional program because I'm sure it will take extra effort to have them transition from the "shadow world" to the real world.  And that's basically it.  I told you that my plan was a real amnesty plan.  I wouldn't even call it amnesty because in legal terms, I believe that Corporate America engages in a form of "entrapment".  The intent of those Illegal Immigrants who broke into the country looking for a job didn't intend to break the law anymore than husband who breaks the speed limit to get his pregnant wife to the hospital.  

In terms of the employer, I don't believe they should have to pay a fine because they will be penalized by having to pay legal working wages.  I'm sure that once the law took effect, many of the companies would start "liquidating" staff.  The problem with any potential amnesty program is that there would be a requirement to increase their wages because it is driving down the wages of other low income workers within the same industries.  This may be a VERY DIFFICULT challenge to navigate because most employers may start liquidating the minute they smell a provision to bring the wages of illegal immigrants up to par with legal citizens.  So you risk having a amnesty bill that legalizes potentially millions of displaced workers who may not be able to find suitable unemployment because of their lack of education and failure to prove job history.  A federal welfare-to-work program would have so little support that it wouldn't be feasible.  This is where, as President of the United States, I would have to defer to my smarter staff. ;-)

Bottom line, I believe the "guest worker program" that Bush and some Democrats are proposing is worse than the current policy of doing nothing.  We would only go one small step beyond Corporate Slavery and create a Federally-sponsored under-class.  There would be rich, middle class, poor and guest worker poor.  That would be the polar opposite of the CEO pay issue where they are paid too much in relation to their company's performance.  The company would save millions of dollars over time while the "guest workers" would make a little more than minimum wage.  Like I said, I've read this story before and I know how it will end.  Sooner or later, they will get tired of the exploitation and fight for equal rights.  Even under the current system this is bound to happen.  The U.S. will be a minority-majority country by 2050 and I doubt legal Mexican citizens would continue to allow the exploitation of their sisters and brothers when they will have the physical numbers to do something about it.  The current Immigration plan being pushed is only another Bush administration "surge", it is not a solution.   

Who are The Forgotten Forty?

The Forgotten Forty is the 40% of the U.S. population that:

- Represents a indiscriminate collection of Teens, Middle Easterners, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and underprivileged White people.

- Is too poor to be heard, but too rich to be exploited.

- Never gets a call from the Associated Press, NBC News, Zogby, or Gallup to ask our opinion for one of their polls.

- Never have our television viewing habits rated by Nielsen.

- Makes more than minimum wage, but not nearly enough to be affected by an Estate (Death) Tax.

- Use the number in our checking and savings accounts to judge the economy instead of Dow Jones and the S&P 500.

- Know we can do a better job than "W" and the cowardly Democratic Party.

- Could never exploit, compromise, and corrupt themselves to the extent necessary in order to raise enough money to win elected office.

- Has a monopoly on common sense.

- Generally play by the rules and only want our piece of the pie, only to find our piece always have a large chunk bitten out of it.

- Has acted as a witness to history, but is ready to rise and start making it.

- Won't/can't get ahead at the expense of others.

- Always vote our best interests, but always receive representation that only serve the special interests.

- Go to college for an average of 5 years, and spend 10 years paying back the loans.

- Never receives equal value from insurance what we pay into it.

- Wants to be healthy, but can't afford healthy foods and adequate health care.

- Have good jobs, but our salary/wage never matches the rising costs of living.

- Would be better parents, but have to spend more time at work then at home.

- Never has a "promotional code" when we purchase something online.

- Tolerate the "powers that be" that talk AT us instead of TO us.

- Keep the Capitalist Machine at full power as we always try to take two steps forward even when we are dragged two steps back.

- Just want to live and let live.

- Would sacrifice the most to keep this experiment called the "United States of America" alive.

The Forgotten Forty is 40% of this nation that is forgotten, dismissed, or just flat out ignored.

The Forgotten Forty still sleeps in the American Dream.

But The Forgotten Forty is about to wake up!

Who is Mister Anderson?

Who is Mister Anderson?

In this world, we love to categorize and sub-categorize everything and everyone. It's not enough to be a human. You must be labeled down to the finite so you can be properly filed.....and then.....forgotten.

I no longer care how or where I am filed because like the millions of others who share my "demographic", we will be left and locked in cold storage. A place so cold, a place so dark, that even "time" cannot escape. (Wow, that was deep! ;-) So without further delay.....


I am: a single, non-white, 18-34 year old, progressive libertarian, registered Independent, pro-all religions, non-religious myself, fact-based, middle-class, middle America, military veteran, in shape, unhealthy, uninsured, kinda introverted, no kids, high-school education, some college, no criminal background, professional - other, pro-war, anti-Iraq War, pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-assisted suicide, pro-stem cell research, anti-cloning, pro-free market, anti-irresponsible free trade, pro-evolution, pro-gay rights, pro-affirmative action, anti-reparations, pro-gun, anti-lethal ammunition, pro-Hip Hop, anti-lifestyle rap, pro-English as the U.S. official language, pro-secure our borders first, anti-punish the illegal immigrants already here, pro-effective social programs, anti-large government, pro-National ID card, pro-felons allowed to vote, pro-ID card to vote, anti-health care for-profit, anti-eliminating private health care, anti-media for-profit, pro-free education K-graduate school for all U.S. citizens who earn it, anti-electoral college, anti-political correctness, pro-porn, anti-partisan, pro-collective good, born in America, male.

I am a pissed off
member of the Forgotten Forty.